Evolved Injection

Evolved Injection has been a part of the racing and performance world for nearly 15 years. Through these years we have done thousands of hours of dyno testing and countless hours at the track! All our products are RACE proven and track tested! As well as street tested! 


A Proven Product

We use premium materials, with the most advanced manufacturing techniques, all while having a highly stringent quality control procedure. This makes Evolved Injection one of the leaders in today’s high-performance fuel injector technology. Our shop is located in Georgia and features advanced fuel injector testing, cleaning, and the latest machining technology.


100% Satisfaction

It is our true belief at Evolved Injection to offer the best product all while keeping our customers informed and satisfied. We strive to educate customers, and we are always happy to take the time to answer any of your fuel injection questions by phone or email.

A Better Team

Are you in the pursuit of lower lap times, higher trap speeds, and higher horsepower all while maintaining high drivability and unmatched reliability? If you are a performance shop, a tuner, a race team, or a private individual we want you on our team. Evolved Injection is staffed by true automotive enthusiasts that have a passion for performance.


Technical Notes

Selecting the Proper Injector Size

  • In order to select the correct size injector for your application, you might wish to use one of the following formulas.
  • In most cases a naturally aspirated engine will have a B.S.F.C of .50. This means that the engine will use .50 lbs. of fuel per hour for each horsepower it produces. Turbocharged engines will want to be at .60 lbs. per hour or higher.
  • Using these numbers as a guideline, you can select the approximate injector size in the following formula for a four cylinder, naturally aspirated engine at 200 bhp.
  • Most injectors will max out at 80% duty cycle and this is the accepted industry standard.
  • B.S.F.C is brake specific fuel consumption - How much fuel you are using per horsepower per hour